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[Item description]
We have updated the tuck denim that has been popular since its debut at SEC.03.

We have slightly revised the silhouette and details, and added a Tochigi Leather tanned leather label.

[Design features]
Tucked denim with the image of a dress and casual look that can be worn beautifully.
The biggest feature is the extra-large and extra-small tucks on the front.
It has a unique silhouette with a slim fit around the waist, volume from the thighs to the knees, and a slight taper at the hem.
The rise is deep, so you can adjust the length depending on your mood by wearing it just at the waist and wearing it with a shallow waist.
Whether neat or rough, it will enhance your look in any situation.

Although it has a modern design, it also incorporates authentic denim specifications such as the button fly, padding inside the back pockets, hidden hooks, and color-matched stitching to please those who love vintage.
The fabric is 13.6oz serious denim with a soft and puffy texture made from sustainable USA cotton processed in the Bingo area.

Since it is provided in a rigid (unwashed) state, it will be stiff at first, but as you wear it, it will adapt to your body and you will enjoy growing it into a piece that is uniquely yours.

Fabric blend rate: 100% cotton

Country of origin: Japan

Home laundry wash

[Size: 0 (XS to S) size]
Waist: 76.5cm
Hips: 131.5cm (including tuck)
Watari width: 38.5cm
Rise: 34.5cm
Inseam: 69.5cm
Hem width: 26.5cm

[Size: 1 (S-M) size]
Waist: 80cm
Hips: 134cm (including tuck)
Watari width: 39.5cm
Rise: 35cm
Inseam: 71cm
Hem width: 27cm

[Size: 2 (M-L) size]
Waist: 84cm
Hips: 137cm (including tuck)
Watari width: 40.5cm
Rise: 36cm
Inseam: 74cm
Hem width: 27.5cm

[Size: 3 (L to XL) size]
Waist: 87.5cm
Hips: 141cm (including tuck)
Watari width: 41.5cm
Rise: 37cm
Inseam: 75.5cm
Hem width: 28cm

[Wearing image model height]
Wearing size: 1

Due to the characteristics of the fabric, indigo denim is extremely susceptible to color transfer.
When wearing the product, please handle with care as the color may transfer to clothing, underwear, belts, bags, sofas, etc.
We cannot accept complaints or compensation due to color transfer.
Because we place importance on the texture of this product, we provide it in an unwashed state with glue on the fabric.
It will shrink by 2-4cm when washed, so we recommend purchasing one size larger than the perfect size.
Delivery dates may change without notice depending on factory operating conditions.
As this product is made to order, we cannot accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges for reasons other than product defects. Please understand this before ordering.