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*This product is in color [FADE BLUE].

[Item description]
This sleeveless hoodie is inspired by old cut-and-sew clothes that are self-cut and remade into sleeveless pieces, like those worn by street kids overseas.
At the factory in Okayama, which is also used by overseas maisons, the garments are dyed and destroyed in a vintage style.
Contrary to the realistic vintage processing, the hood is made of fleshy sweat fabric that stands up firmly, making it extremely comfortable to wear.
The wide open armholes make it the perfect piece to enjoy layering in the summer.
Comes with badge.

[Material characteristics]
Sweatshirt fabric made from American cotton spun in Japan.
A sturdy and thick fleece inspired by the fabric of a major vintage sweatshirt manufacturer.
Available in two colors: RUSTY BLACK, which has a rust-like, realistic fading feel, and FADE BLUE, which is a light blue-gray that will appeal to vintage clothing lovers.

[Color options]

[Dough mix rate]
100% cotton

Home washing: hand washing

【country of origin】

[Size: FREE size]
Length: 78cm
Width: 116cm
Shoulder width: 55cm

Although we use a top-level factory in Japan, there are many manual sewing and ironing processes, so there may be slight deviations from the set dimensions.
The image is a sample and may be modified during mass production.
Please note that there are no major design changes.
Please note that there is a possibility that the delivery date may be delayed from the set delivery date.
We cannot accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges for reasons other than product defects.