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About handling

Q.Handling of denim

A.Due to the characteristics of the material, the color may transfer to other clothing, underwear, light-colored belts, bags, sofas, etc. due to friction or sweat during wear.

Rigid (raw denim) will shrink about 2 to 4 cm depending on washing. Please choose a size larger than just.



Q. Handling of wool

A. After wearing a wool suit, please brush it lightly with a special brush and store it in a place that is not exposed to high temperatures or humidity, and is not exposed to sunlight or lighting.



Q. About washing rigid (raw denim)

A. [Those who want to enjoy a beautiful atmosphere]
First of all, without washing it, please enjoy the beautiful deep color with a glossy and firm texture and the hardness of the fabric.
If you wear it, and the wrinkles are firm, the discoloration is a little noticeable, or you are concerned about dirt or odor, please turn it inside out and gently press it with your hands in a bathtub or the like.
Use a small amount of household detergent or a detergent made specifically for denim instead of detergent that contains fabric softener.
After washing, immediately spin the water and hang it inside out to dry in a shaded area with good ventilation to avoid wrinkles.

[For those who want to wear it roughly]
First, turn it inside out and wash it by hand or in a household washing machine without using detergent.
The glue will fade and the original blue and blackness of the denim will emerge.
It will shrink to some extent after one wash, so if the hem is long, please hem it.
After that, wash it about once a month.

[Hardcore people]
First, wear them without washing them.
Wear it every day for a year.
After a year, turn it over and wash it in the sea. Or take a bath with them on.
I will wear it every day for another year.


Q. Size changes and repairs for rigid (raw denim)

A. There will be some overall shrinkage due to washing.
If you put it in the dryer after washing, it will shrink further, so please be careful when using a washing machine with a drying function.

If you want to hem the garment, we recommend that you do so after it has been washed and shrunk.
If you want to make the hem look more processed, please hem it before washing.
In that case, we recommend hemming it a little longer to account for shrinkage after washing.
You can also use chain stitch to hem the hem for a more three-dimensional effect after the color fades.

About size

Q.Size expansion


Size 0: For those between 150cm and early 160cm.
Size 1: For those between 160cm and early 170cm.
Size 2: For those between 170cm and early 180cm.
Size 3: For those over 180 cm.
*Sizes are approximate. The neck and arms of the top are loose, so even tall people can wear the size below.



Q.Individual differences

A. Although we use top-level factories in Japan, there may be slight deviations from the set dimensions due to manual sewing, washing and pressing processes, etc.

About returns and exchanges


A. Due to the made-to-order and small-lot production, we cannot accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges for reasons other than product defects.