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*This product is in color [ASH BLACK].
*This product is made to order. Delivery is scheduled for late September to early October.

[Item description]
This is a large muffler that boldly expresses this season's theme, SUPERGOOD / SUPERBAD, with jacquard graphics.
The soccer towel muffler, commonly known as the "hooligan muffler", has been arranged into a "wearable muffler" in the SUBLATONS style.
We commissioned the graphics from a graffiti artist who is also a skater, resulting in a street-like finish.
The colorful SUBLATONS original college logo and this season's theme ``SUPERGOOD / SUPERBAD'' on the entire surface will add flair to your winter outfit.
Made of luxurious Japanese-made mohair blend yarn that has been dyed, it is extremely warm and comfortable to wear.
It's large and has graphics all over, so you can arrange it like clothes.
Each fringe is woven by hand, creating a casual yet elegant atmosphere.
This is a luxury muffler made in Japan.

[Material characteristics]
This is a domestically produced yarn that uses very high quality mohair raw materials and is spun to create a gradation dyeing process called Kasuri-dye.
This is a top-quality product that has been carefully crafted in terms of raw materials and processing.
The length of the pile is unique to mohair, and the more you wear it, the more it will become more appealing.
The appearance of the gradation will be random.

[Color options]

[Dough mix rate]
50% mohair, 32% wool, 18% nylon

Dry cleaning

【country of origin】

[Size: FREE size]
Width: 40cm
Length: 215cm

Although we use a top-level factory in Japan, there are many manual sewing and ironing processes, so there may be slight deviations from the set dimensions.
The image is a sample and may be modified during mass production.
Please note that there are no major design changes.
Due to the current impact of the coronavirus pandemic, delivery times are more unstable than usual.
Please note that there is a possibility that the delivery date may be delayed from the set delivery date.
As this product is made to order, we cannot accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges for reasons other than product defects.