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*This product is in color [L.BLUE].
*We plan to ship your order within 3 to 5 business days.

[Item description]
This low gauge vest is a bold reinterpretation of a school sweater using soft, voluminous yarn.
The simple design allows you to wear it in a variety of ways.
The wide ribbing on the collar prevents your neck from touching the collar directly when wearing a tailored jacket, reducing damage to the collar.
You can also arrange it by folding it back like a shawl collar.
It's a versatile unisex knit vest that can be worn with an inner layer as the sides are wide open.
A badge is included as a set.

[Material characteristics]
A low gauge yarn made from a blend of merino wool and British wool.
It is a luxurious material with a soft and voluminous texture and good coloring.
It has a gentle texture that becomes more appealing the more you wear it, and can give a warm look to your winter layering.

[Color options]

[Dough mix rate]
100% wool

Dry cleaning

【country of origin】

[Size: FREE size]
Length: 64cm
Shoulder width: 49cm

Although we use a top-level factory in Japan, there are many manual sewing and ironing processes, so there may be slight deviations from the set dimensions.
The image is a sample and may be modified during mass production.
Please note that there are no major design changes.
Please note that there is a possibility that the delivery date may be delayed from the set delivery date.
We cannot accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges for reasons other than product defects.