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*This product is in color [BEIGE].

[Item description]
These are classic 5-pocket pants based on commemorative vintage denim from the Moscow Olympics, which the director found among various vintage denim.
This item is originally made from denim with fleece bonded to the back, so it's straight, like a flare cut, and is a little looser than a regular straight.
It has a timeless silhouette that goes well with any style of item.
If you wear it with a zip-up shirt made of the same material, you can enjoy an all-in-one look.

[Material characteristics]
Commonly known as [parent-child corduroy], which has thick ridges and thin ridges arranged alternately.
It is characterized by its soft texture and soft touch, and in particular, [BEIGE] is a material that has been dyed in beige and blue chambray to create a striped appearance, giving it a luxurious feel.

Color options [BEIGE], [MINT]

Fabric blend: 52% polyester, 29% cotton, 18% modal, 1% polyurethane

Home washing: hand washing

Country of origin: Japan

[Size: 0 (XS to S) size]
Waist: 77cm
Hips: 95cm
Watari width: 30.5cm
Rise: 26cm
Inseam: 76cm
Hem width: 24.5cm

[Size: 1 (S-M) size]
Waist: 81cm
Hips: 99cm
Watari width: 32cm
Rise: 26.5cm
Inseam: 78cm
Hem width: 25cm

[Size: 2 (M-L) size]
Waist: 85cm
Hips: 103cm
Watari width: 33cm
Rise: 27cm
Inseam: 80cm
Hem width: 25.5cm

[Wearing image model height]
Female, 164 cm BEIGE: 1st male wearing size 0, 173 cm MINT: 2nd male wearing size 1, 181 cm BEIGE: Wearing size 2

Although we use a top-level factory in Japan, there are many manual sewing and ironing processes, so there may be slight deviations from the set dimensions.
The image is a sample and may be modified during mass production.
Please note that there are no major design changes.
Due to the current impact of the coronavirus pandemic, delivery times are more unstable than usual.
Please note that there is a possibility that the delivery date may be delayed from the set delivery date.
As this product is made to order, we cannot accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges for reasons other than product defects.
Please understand this before ordering.