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*This product is in color [S.BLUE].

[Item description]
This is a handmade narrow tie with a large sword width of approximately 5 cm.
Each piece is carefully made by domestic craftsmen.
It's the same fabric as the SEC.04 and SEC.05 WOOL GABARDINE series, so you can wear it as a set.
Since it uses a fluffy wool core, it goes well with any shirt, whether dress or casual.

[Material characteristics]
This is a domestically produced high-density gabardine that is used by top maisons both domestically and internationally.
It has been processed with a resin called paper processing, and although it is a little thin, it has a soft yet firm feel to it. It also features a very beautiful drape and fall.
It has a very deep color that changes its appearance depending on the angle of the light.
Due to the characteristics of the fabric, it will turn whitish due to friction, but it will return to its original state by brushing.
There are three color options: [S.BLUE], which is a deep turquoise-like blue-green, [GREY], which is slightly bright with a modern atmosphere, and the classic [BLACK], which has a beautiful depth.
Same material and same color as SEC.04's double-breasted jacket, shirt, and belted slacks.
SEC.05 also offers jackets, V-neck pullover shirts, and open collar shirts made of the same material.

Fabric blend ratio: 100% wool

Dry cleaning

Country of origin: Japan

[Size: Free size]
Width: 5cm
Total length: 148cm

[Wearing image model height]
1st male, 173cm
2nd male, 178 cm

Although we use a top-level factory in Japan, there are many manual sewing and ironing processes, so there may be slight deviations from the set dimensions.
Due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, delivery dates may change without notice depending on factory operating conditions.
As this product is made to order, we cannot accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges for reasons other than product defects.
Please understand this before ordering.