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The SUBLATIONS collection begins with the collection of a vast amount of material.

The inspiration for the designs are art, paintings, movies, music, architecture, and vintage clothing from various eras.
The most important thing is the fabric swatches collected from domestic and foreign manufacturers.

It is no exaggeration to say that the quality of clothing is largely determined by the quality of its textiles.

Komatsu Matere is a company that supplies a wide range of fabrics and materials from top domestic and international brands to those related to sports, medical care, and construction.

We are based in the director's hometown of Kanazawa, and because we are from the same hometown, and because he sympathized with our commitment to manufacturing, we
We are starting our efforts with the 23AW collection.

The fabrics, which incorporate the latest world-class technology, are created by the hands of an astonishing number of people.

In JOURNAL VOL.02, we will introduce some of them.


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