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What connects contradictions SUBLATION, the origin of our brand name, means "to fuse contradictory elements to create a higher level of development." Starting with SEC.01, which had the theme of "MALE/FEMALE", we have "exalted" various contradictory factors such as "NOISE/MUTE", "TIED/UNTIED", "SURFACE/DEPTH", I have been passionate about creating. At the same time, I have become keenly aware that it is a very laborious endeavor to fuse two contradictory elements into a form that does not overlap. He also said that the answer to that question is something that we, the design team at SUBLATIONS, would never be able to arrive at alone.

In the process of doage, the most important thing is "tailoring". The hands of each and every craftsman who create our products are essential. Tailoring is an essential element that runs through all of Subrations' collections, now in its 10th chapter. This time, we would like to introduce the factory that produces coats, the signature item of Sublations, which is a condensation of tailoring technology.


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